Perry Area Fire Rescue

"Whatever it Takes"

Perry Area Fire Rescue covers the following areas for fire protection:

All of Perry Township, including the City of Perry and Village of Morrice

Bennington Township from Garrison Rd south including homes on the south side of Garrison Rd

Antrim Township from from Scribner Rd West, including both sides of Scribner Rd


Questions regarding fire coverage, burning regulations and burn permits should be directed to Chief Guy Hubbard at (517) 202-2820.



                      General Burning Regulations                                                                         
  • Only natural materials may be burned.
  • Absolutly no building materials of any kind may be burned. This includes dimentional lumbar and plywood.
  • Fires should be kept to a manageable size and burning should take place during daylight hours if possible.
  • Maintain a safe distance from all structures and combustable materials.
  • Avoid windy conditions.

 It is not neccessary to obtain a burn permit for a recreational fire.

Forrest Green Subdivision: By ordinance, there is absolutely no open burning in the subdivision, this includes fire pits with screens or covers.  This also applies to all property directly adjacent to the subdivision.